Seven Facts About Mira Rajput That Make Her Most Fascinating To Us

She is charming, young and is the envy of many women in India today. She is Shahid Kapoor’s discovery at a religious gathering, where he decided to make her his wife. When #ShahidMiraReception and #ShahidkiShaadi trended on Twitter, everybody felt her presence online. With an overload of all the sangeet, marriage and reception snaps, viewers in India are pretty familiar with Mrs. Mira Rajput Kapoor. Something about her makes you feel that she is here to stay, and is gonna cut through the celebrity wife clutter and make a space for herself in Bollywood’s society.


Fresh from Delhi and a tad bit older than Shahid’s ex-girlfriend’s step-daughter Sara, Mira has a lot going for her right now. Here are seven facts about her that make Mira an amazing new star wife that we   must watch out for.

She looks like Princess Kate Middleton

Sharp eyes and brilliant moves, these are the most important characteristics of Shahid Kapoor. He used them to find a wife for himself and look what a brilliant choice he has made. She almost resembles Kate Middleton in a few of her snaps. The only aspects missing in Mira’s face are the dimple and the British nose. Well, we are proud to see you just the way you are Mira! Just Glow on!


Her transition from a shy and intelligent girl to a smart star wife has been smooth

Yes she is amongst those people who like to keep to herself. A bright student who has a promising career ahead of her, Mira carries an undaunted mark on her personality every time she steps out. And in the process of becoming a star wife in Bollywood, she has not taken much time or effort. In fact, we find straight glimpses of a Delhiite in her while we see her swiftly molding herself into a Mumbaikar. So quick Mira, you amaze us!


Her last relationship was in high school and she held her head high when she walked out of it.

Let’s face it. Shahid had so many link ups before he got married, it is only just to expect she had a love life too. And she did have a beau with whom she parted ways before he left for London. We all know what happens to high school sweethearts when career opportunities set them miles apart. Something similar happened with Mira and Aditya Lal, the guy who stole her heart in school. It’s ok Mira, life has its twists and turns. And look where you are today!


She follows Shahid Kapoor’s down-to-earth public image

Known to maintain an honest attitude to work, Shahid Kapoor has chosen a wife who relates to his down-to-earth image well. A part of the reason behind this easy adaptation maybe her Delhi background and honest upbringing. But what stuns all of us is that they have matched up to each other pretty well, be it in terms of dressing sense, mannerisms or just choice of words. Mira is cool and honest, just like her husband.


She understands her role as a Bollywood star’s wife

There are multiple pressures on a star wife and Mira has already gotten to understand the nuances. Her flight from Delhi to Mumbai is symbolic of her journey from a non-glitz background to starry world. And with her astute observation and presence of mind, she definitely has her math right.


She refused to say yes to the marriage first

For a girl who has just finished college and is being proposed by Shahid Kapoor, saying no would not be easy. But she knew her preferences well and maintained a neutral no to the marriage, till her elder sister intervened. Now that is what we call a wise women who is not a victim of lust at young age. We thoroughly understand her reluctance to say a yes to this marriage because unlike for Shahid, this marriage is too early for a carefree girl like Mira. Relax Mira, you have chosen a good husband and so you are going to enjoy this marriage like you never dreamt before.


She overlooked the arrangements at the reception in Mumbai

Now if anybody was worried about whether Mira will like it in Mumbai, her backstage performance at the wedding reception was one bullet in their eye. She spent the entire afternoon before the reception herself supervising the arrangements and looking into preferences of all members on the guest list. Now that is proactive Mrs. Kapoor! Wonder why you took all that trouble.

reception-in-mumbai final

So, there you are Mira. Happy Stepping into Tinsel Town! Wish you and Shahid a very Happy Married Life! Psst! We know you love pink..the color looks awesome on you.


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