Top 10 Public Moments When Deepika Padukone Got Candid

The leggy lass of Bollywood has seen a lot of turns in her career. From being the daughter of a badminton champion to an aspiring model to a successful actress, Dips has seen it all. What worked for her was her dimple, her smile, her grit, her discipline and her determination. There were moments when she made headlines and stayed there for serious issues that she spoke about. Some of them were related to her personal life while some were related to her career. Here is a look at top ten such moments when Deepika made it to the headlines and made us take note of her, albeit with due respect.

10. Women Empowerment Video

Homi Adajania’s video created quite a stir. There were aspects of womanhood discussed in the video which rubbed many Indians the wrong way. And guess who was at the center of it all? Deepika, the narrator of the video.

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9. Comment on Ranbir Kapoor

On Karan Johar’s show in 2012, after her break up with Ranbir, she was noted saying that Ranbir Kapoor would be best suited for endorsing a packet of condoms. Yes, we got that she never meant any harm. But Chintu aka Rishi Kapoor did not like it.

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8. Post 2013 Success Karan Johar show

This came shortly after her very successful 2013 run when she did some awesome stunts on the show. She not only claimed to be a virgin beside Priyanka Chopra who claimed the same, she also declared that she considered Anushka Sharma a friend, much to the chagrin of K Jo. Understandable!

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7. Stand against Prostitution amongst Actresses

A freak incident exposed that a well known and one time popular Bengali Bollywood actress was caught up in a prostitution racket. While many were shocked and some condemned the act, Deepika condemned prostitution in the industry but stood by the actress. She defied all norms and said that people who forced the actress into prostitution are to be blamed, and not the penniless actress who was looking for work in Bollywood and ended up being a victim of the racket.

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6. Cleavage Controversy

Not to be deterred by irresponsible media, Deepika quickly retorted upon the focus on her cleavage revealilng dress that she wore at a promotion event. Her remarks were supported by the film fraternity. Now, why does one try to pick on high end fashion? She was just going about her business, wasn’t she?

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5. Stand on Depression

What came as a shock to many of her fans, Deepika confessed to have suffered depression after her 2013 success run, revealing that she never knew what it was or where it came from. Her interview with Barkha Dutt was aimed to help people grow aware of the condition. Well done Deepika.

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4. Indian of the Year

Soon after her success in 2013, when she gave four back to back blockbusters, Deepika was honoured with the Indian of the Year award by NDTV. The award was handed to her by none other than her father, whom she always wanted to see in her award shows. She not only cried on the stage but also expressed her desire to do even better, just like her father.

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3. Loud party at Apartment

When she took a new apartment in Mumbai, Deepika threw a housewarming party that went well into the night and forced neighbors to stay awake because of the loud music. Not until was the police summoned that the party music was lowered. Well, not really expected Deepika.

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2. Fast and Furious 7

She was offered a role in the Fast and Furious 7 edition of the movie which she refused owing to her prior commitments made to RamLeela and Happy New Year. Now that is something we admire in her – grit and determination.

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1. AIB Roast

Deepika faced a police case for attending the All India Bakchod Roast of Karan Johar, Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor. Although she was in the audience her star status was enough to pull her into the controversy surrounding inappropriate language and remarks used on the show.

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