Top 25 Cartoon Characters Which We Grew Up With In the Nineties!

They squeaked in their sweet voices and gave us the most precious times of our lives. They showed us how challenging and funny adult life is. If you are a nineties kid, you definitely will relate to these characters from Walt Disney, who have been heartthrobs ever since childhood.

No matter how many movies are made with real actors and actresses, the cartoon versions have always been more successful, thanks to very original depictions. Over the years, most of these characters received color enrichment and 3D effects, and looked way more awesome! Take a look below and I am sure you will agree!

1.   Ariel from The Little Mermaid

She is the sweetheart who supports her friends silently, only to be left all alone in one corner.


2.   Aladdin from Aladdin

Incomplete without his Genie, our Aladdin is an all time favorite of people who believe in turning their lucks around.


3.   Alice from Alice In Wonderland

The petite beauty whose features gre blonder over the years, we love Alice and her adventures almost like forever.


4.   Anita Radcliffe from 101 Dalmatians

From the comic to the movie, she is the main epicentre around which the life of the dalmatians revolve.


5.   Bagheera from Jungle Book

Mowgli’s wise Godfather of the jungle and his savior and best friend, Bagheera reminds us of the uncle we miss.


6.   Bambi from Bambi

Bambi loves to run into forests and discover new ways of life and new friends, even today.


7.   Beast from the Beauty and The Beast

While his beauty loves him with all her heart, we cannot but marvel at his passion to do everything he can for her.


8.   Chicken Little from Chicken Little

And who said his brain is little? Our first nerdy friend!


9.   Cinderella from Cinderella

The simple girl who proved to us that rags to riches can be dreamt about.


10.   Donald Duck from Mr. Duck Steps Out

The hero who tries to act cunning but ends up being nice.


11.   Daisy Duck from Mr. Duck Steps Out

Donald’s girl and the goal of all his adventures, best known for her walk and eyes.


12.   Fairy Godmother from Cinderella

Jer appearance happens not only in this story but in every little girl’s dreams, She is the Fairy Godmother.


13.   Mickey Mouse from Mickey’s Revue

The evergreen Walt Disney hero we all had stickers of.


14.   Minnie Mouse from Mickey’s Revue

Mickey’s girl, who stands by Mickey every time he is in trouble.


15.   Goofy from Mickey’s Revue

Mickey’s fearest friend whom we always see falling in trouble, and helping Mickey out of some.


16.   Spiderman

Peter Parker who has the ability to climb walls like a spider and save lives in danger like God.



17.   Superman

He rushes to help any one in danger flying in his red cape.



18.   Mr. Bean

We loved his comic avatar and literally worshipped him in the real movies. Mr. Bean, you are a genius.



19.   Talespin

Can you ride the plane as fast as him. Try with your frone maybe but still you cannot beat Talespin!



20.   Tom and Jerry

The unending cat and mouse game that brings joy to every living room.



21.  Uncle Scrooge from  Duck Tales

He loves money more than he loves his family. Or is it the other way round?



22.   Popeye

You do not mess with him.



23.   He-man

And definitely not challenge him to a duel. That sword never forgives enemies.



24.   The Mask

TJim Carrey had to do The Mask because nobody else has his Mask-ish teeth. And why not?



25.   Jungle Book (Mowgli)

This series originated in India and has been the most loved character of Walt  Disney watchers.



There are many others remaining in this list. Can you fill them in for us?


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