Top Ten Hidden Messages In Your Favorite Cartoons Which Everyone Missed Noticing!!

We often let our kids watch cartoons because what’s the worst that could happen? Better for a kid to watch “Tom & Jerry” than “Jersey Shore”. Well, you could be wrong.

Some cartoons have hidden or subliminal messages that are not that adequate for children. Hopefully for you, they’re too young to understand. But when they’re all grown up, guess what: childhood ruined. If your “grown up senses” haven’t developed yet, we’re here to give you some examples. Keep your kids away this time, please!

1.  The Little Mermaid – Poster Disaster

If you look closely at the poster, you’ll see something..let’s just say inadequate for a children movie. The illustrator said that he was on a tight schedule and was too busy to see the mistake.


2.  SpongeBob Squarepants – Channel Switch

We were too young to understand this sequence, but now we’ve got it all covered. Just look how fast SpongeBob changes the channel. Looks familiar? We’re pretty sure that most of you went through such scares at least once in your life. Yes? Yes.

3.  The Simpsons – HDTV Sense

Every episode starts with Bart writing on a blackboard. Nothing strange so far. But sometimes, some subliminal messages are submitted to viewers. This is one of them-


4.  Tom & Jerry – Dark Illuminati 

Well, this isn’t quite a hidden message, but when we were kids we couldn’t quite comprehend what was happening. Now, with all these Hollywood stars changing religion, our eyes are better kept wide shut.

5.  The Simpsons – Illuminati and 9/11

Illuminati is a subject often hidden in cartoons. But this episode from The Simpsons linked the not so secret organization with the 9/11 events. How many of you think that the connection is real?


6.  Dragon Ball Z – Wrong Worship

You may argue that Satan is just a character, but some things don’t actually mix up. All the worshiping is translated from reality and we don’t think it’s a message kids should analyze and say “Hey, Satan looks like a pretty great guy”.

7.  Ed, Edd & Eddy – Don’t touch 

Sounds like your mother? Well, it’s just a discreet sign in Double D’s bathroom that surely you’ve missed when you saw the episode.


8.  Daffy Duck – Playducks

Childhood ruined. We know that Daffy Duck wasn’t exactly a fictional character model for children, but only years later we realized that the ducks on the cover of Playduck magazine could have had some daddy issues.

9.  Big Hero 6 – Officer Writer

Sergeant Gerson is a minor character in Big Hero 6, but Gerson really was one the movie’s co-writer. He did it just for gags or, who knows, maybe he wanted his name to appear twice on the big screen. Not that harmful though!


10.  The Flintstones – Three heads

We all thought that Barney was quite dumb. He wasn’t a dragon to have three heads. Now, we’re like “Ohh, we get it. Clever one, Barney (wink)”


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