10 fast foods secrets everybody should know – The last one is shocking

Time is money and everyone wants to get rich, and we mean like Bill Gates rich. Trying to reach this goal, people have embraced more and more the fast food industry. But like just every other multimillionaire industry, it has its secrets. Did you know about these 10 fast food secrets?

1.   French fries are often re-used

If you feel that they’re way too salty, there’s something wrong. This is a great tip to ensure the fact that you’ll not receive French fries left in the back for days. You now feel sick that your fries were always too salty?


2.   No 3 second rule. Employees wash all tables with the same rag

Firstly, even the 3 second rule is stupid, but at least is an excuse to not let food go to waste. Remember that employees use the same rag to clean all the tables.


3.   Sugar is used in almost every type of food

“No way, even in salads?” Especially in salads, my dear fast-food maniacs. But look at the bright side. You are more likely to get diabetes than ending up obese.


4.   Don’t ask the cashier what’s fresh. They’ll recommend the product they have on sale that day

Who is so naive to believe what fast-food employees say it’s fresh? They have a well-learned text, to get rid of the supply. Just like Trump’s messages to get rid of Mexicans.


5.   Oil is re-used, cooking from fries to chicken and fish with the same batch

Oil is used to make fries for a couple of days, until it turns brown. Then, employees use it to fry chicken. After it turns black, they reach a point where they say it’s enough! …time to make some fish. It’s like kitchen oil is the rarest resource on Earth.


6.   Almost no one washes the ice cube machine

The ice cube machine is even dirtier than the toilet. We’re not that good at giving advice, but this doesn’t mean that is healthier to drink water from the toilet than a soda with ice cubes in it.


7.   Your meat is pretty much chemically cleaned

Although the goal is great, to kill dangerous bacteria, such as salmonella and E. coli, “washed” meat doesn’t sound appealing to our brain. Take some Jamie Oliver lessons and learn how to cook.

A bin of ground beef is seen at the Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market meat processing facility in Riverside

8.   Muffins are often disguised as cupcakes

You order a muffin because it has whole grains, wheat germ or fruit purée. It is healthier, obviously. Well, we’re here to tell you that your muffin is a masked sweet cupcake, the same dessert that made you feel bad about your weight yesterday.


9.   If it’s a busy place, it’s more likely for the food to be fresh

Try not to get there first. You’ll surely receive yesterday’s specialty. But if is a busy day, employees will have their hands full and will need to prepare fresh food.


10.    Your French fries are made from more than just potatoes

Around 14 chemicals are used to make French fries taste and look this way. Maybe your chemistry teacher tried to warn you, but who pays attention to chemistry lessons, right?



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