10 Questions Faced By The Indian Media Today

1. What Sells More? Humor or Sensation?

After Comedy Nights With Kapil, India has shown media that humor is what they love watching or reading when away from the daily moribund of life. Therefore, the sensation based stories are on the decline these days. But does this mean we will have news p[resented more humorously or creatively? Only time can tell, because everybody feels a need for it but cannot provide it except in supplementary pages or editorials.

2. Should We Terrorize people Or Just Give Them Plain facts?

From television shows to newspaper headlines, every thing has revolved arounf sensationalism till date. But this is in smooth contrast to traditional journalism where facts were presented as it is and thoughts put in by the journalist were not masked in sensationalism. And many readers find this missing today.

3. Does Every Indian Politician Have A Clean Past?

Not one political leader has been found whose profile is devoid of scam today. And the situation gets worse as one after another new politicians from lower levels of the political hierarch, whether it is state or center, are found guilty of violence or instigation for money laundering. The result is lack of interest in such reports be it in paper or television.

4. What IS Extraordinary In Ordinary Things?

Small wonders are sometimes triggers to much bigger changes in society. Sadly, the Indian media prefers to tap local talent and publish news related to them only in the most unlocateable corners of their pages or website. Video stories are never wasted on such small achievements or unique thoughts. Why?

5. How To Deal With Student Achievers Being Awarded By NASA?

A highlight example of Indian talent getting better recognition by media abroad is through the NASA projects which s =o far has found around fifteen young achievers from different schools in India. Sadly, even their story is given minor status in the front page. Why?

6. Can We Use Animation As Strongly As Back In The Heydays of The Print media?

Yes cartoons were a favorite fronm the start of print media. And wait! There were political cartoons steeped ins arcasm directed towards the governments and journalists enjoyed freedom of expression through such animated cartoons. Does the same level of freedom exist even today. Have not political agendas in animation gone down to daily life moments and cinema and television gags?

7. Are Video Stories Redundant And A Nuisance?

When you open an article to read, the entire article is present in a video format on the website above the main article. Is this a good way to post news content online since many visitors to your website want to read the article and might get distracted by the visuals. The focus of this question is how to present the content to the reader? The video can always be placed down under for viewers to click “watch”. Do we have to ape BBC and CNN in videotaping and writing the same content? Even they leave written content amiss with some video stories.

8. How To Innovate In TV Channel Presentation?

Other than newshours and documentary shows or one hour programs that enacts news out, news channels have not been able to actually innovate upon how to visually present news to millions of viewers across India. Sadly, most newshours are driven by the fan followings of their anchors and enactments of crime or documentary shows have little to no viewers, if not the ones who get inspired by the crime. Are we really doing this?

9. How To Make Content Different On All Forms of Media Channels?

Print, online, social and visual media require content to be curated differently. Alas, the Indian media is only repeating the content whether it is in print or online or visual media. The only change we see in content is in the social media updates we see, thanks to the separate mode of writing needed on these platforms.

10. Chat Shows, Talk Shows or Open Debates, Which Mode Of Interaction Benefits The Republic Most?

The republic is sovereign, socialist and democratic. It is India and it is one of the most important and intelligent developing nations. Open house debates are always the best way to gauge and share common opinion and bring in free ideals to be noticed by the government.

If there are any other questions that you want to highlight, then please do so in the comments below. Thank you!


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