Eighteen Glowing Facts About Angela Merkel’s Life: Here’s A Chance To Know The Chancellor

Ever since the German Chancellor has finished her India visit, many courses and exchange programs from Germany and German-speaking countries are opening up. Without wasting any time, we will take a look at the lady’s charisma right from her childhood, as it is very evident that her political thinking and influential role in German politics has made this possible, wherein many Indian students are getting to live and learn in top class German Universities.

Born on July 17, 1954, Angela Kasner took her first baby steps to success in Hamburg, West Germany. We chart her very personal life stories through this image roll.

  1. The Baby With The Golden Glow

Angela 1

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Born to a Latin teacher Herlind Kasner and his wife Horst Kasner, Angela was surrounded by Stasi police all her childhood.

  1. Sweetly Yours – Aye Germans!

Angela 2

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She grew up in East Germany in the town of Templin, which is located an hour away from Berlin.

  1. Daintily Dashing: A Teenager With Her Brains In The Strongest Part of Politics

Angela 3

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She joined the Communist Youth Movement in her teenage days upon receiving encouragement from parents.

  1. High School Days are Always The Best

Angela 4

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Her high school days saw her flunk in a Physics course, but she was undeterred.

  1. She Won. Finally.

Angela 5

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She joined the University of Leipzig to prove her ability to become a physicist. She mastered Physics and Physical Chemistry after her study there.

  1. Adventure and Exchange – Her Strong Points

Angela 6

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She was keen on travel and also was a part of the Russian exchange program at the University.

  1. First Marriage

Angela 7

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She met her later husband Ulrich Merkel during the exchange program and they got married in 1977. She graduated the next year.

  1. The Gallant Soldier Marched On

Angela 8

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After her degree from the University of Leipzig, she went on to join the German Academy of Sciences and received her Ph.D in Quantum Chemistry in 1986.

  1. Post-Ph.D Life: Second Marriage

Angela 9

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Her job at the Academy as a chemist was sure to help her stay away from the East German oppression. She divorced in 1982 and married Chemistry professor Joachim Sauer later.

  1. Her Favorite Hobby- Travel

Angela 10

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She loves to travel and spend time in holidays. Her holidays are always elaborately planed right from the starting years of her career.

  1. Political Beliefs: The Start

Angela 11

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She was undeterred by the fall of the Berlin Wall and joined the Democratic Awakening Party soon after in 1989.

  1. Political Growth

Angela 12

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Her rise in the party was not only meteoric but she soon became a popular minister in the German government. She later joined the Christian Democratic Party where she was made Minister for Women and Minister for Environment. Here she is as Angela Merkel, Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (Germany) and COP-1 President.

  1. Personal Life

Angela 13

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She enjoys spending time with friendly pets. She has no children and leads a simple family life.

  1. Family Home: Official Residence

Angela 14

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Angela Merkel is one of the few ministers who have never shifted to costly mansions after being posted as a Minister in the German Government. She lives in her old home till date.

  1. The Soccer Lady

Angela 15

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She loves football and soccer and is a Godmother to the German Soccer Team.

  1. The Chances of A Chancellor

Angela 16

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Adventure has been a part of her life and even when in office she does not shy away from bold tasks. Here she is entering a submarine to check its internal standards.

  1. Colleague Support and Non-support

Angela 17

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Bold and beautiful in her own right, Angela was criticized greatly for her unconventional choice of clothes with many male counterparts offering to pay for her to buy appropriate clothes. She refused any change in her choice of apparel and wears the same till date.

  1. World Famous Working Efficiency

Angela 18

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Her international relation skills have impressed not only Russia and America, but also the rest of the world. Her last trip to India proves that she is the right choice for being the Chancellor of Germany.

Glow on, lady!


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