Long Haired Men and Their Five Most Hilarious Troubles

When we came across this video by Ventuno Humor, we were reminded of so many occasions where men actually face more criticism than women do. To stir up your memories here is a look at the video itself. Watch how the boys ensure all their hair is messed up for most part of the video. Some of you might like that.

Yes, it is not only hilarious to see such videos, but also surprising how many of us have forgotten that one friend we had with long hair.  These are the five hilarious questions that come to minds of stereotypical men who do not endorse or appreciate the style of men sporting long hair-

  1. The only time you feel intimate din your relationship is when hair length and maintenance topics go over your head. attractattention
  2. When you badly need consolation because his style is actually suiting him. 
  3. Money counts. Always more important for men.
  4. Alternatively, it  means “Can I Grow Hair Just As Well As Him? What’s The Code?”
  5. Gay or straight, whenever you see the long haired duo walking together and…

Talk of hindsight, men with long hairs are difficult to tell from behind when they are next to girls with equally long hair and if they are walking around in jeans and T-shirts. But then, there is nothing more casual, chic and sexy than well maintained hair left open to the wind. Pat like, girls! And men, get used to the homework brothers!


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