Power to Empower: Digital India Drive

PM Modi’s Digital India Drive is A Very Serious Step In Taking The Nation Forward

1st July, 2015 will be etched as a remarkable day in the history of the second largest democracy in the world. PM Modi’s Digital India drive is a serious step forward in making India tech-savvy. For a democracy that seems to be growing at snail’s pace, this is a welcome change for its citizens. We salute the spirit of modernism that the Prime Minister has brought in.

In a very short period of time, India saw a massive event unfold as PM Narendra Modi brought forth a drive that was missing in India. Digitalization of all processes is important in today’s world and the Prime Minister’s timely thrust seems to hold a lot of promise for the world at large and he youth of India.

Mr. Suresh Bharti Mittal pledged to take 4G to the masses and dedicate a massive amount of money to the setting up of infrastructure towards daily use digital products and services. What better time than now?

Yes, this is the fastest revolution that India is ready for. The fact that business heads gathered for this movement easily committed 4.5 Lakh crores of rupees in this direction speaks loads about the timely announcement of the move.

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Products Announced in this Drive are:

Bharat Net: Broadband for all parts of India, accessible by one and all. This broadband service is being designed to reach villages and small communities spread over in all corners of the country. 2.5 Lakh Gram Panchayats to be served through this plan.

Digital Locker: No more paper or physical documents to store. Every important document of a person would be stored and shared as e-documents across registered repositories and under complete security.

National Scholarships Portal: According to this program scholarship application, verification, sanction, disbursal and references will be done online across all leading educational institutions to allow students have a common platform online to begin building their career and study plans.

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There are many more aspects of this project which include SBM mobile app, DeitY, E-sign and other services which would help common people live digitalized lives filled with smooth processing. Do let us know what you feel about this drive, because at the end of the day, this is being done for you, the COMMON MAN!


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