There Are No Shortcuts to Becoming ‘Fat Free’: Ten Shocking Truths About Liposuction

From Aarthi Agarwal to Catherine Cando, we have seen some extremely disturbing cases of death by liposuction in the recent past. What makes liposuction such a fad that many actresses and models fall for it to an extent that it takes them to their deaths?

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Well, the fault does not lie with the actresses alone. The doctors are equally responsible for the deaths we see around us. Here are ten alarming facts about deaths by liposuction that will take you by surprise.

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  1. Infections: Every surgical procedure has a certain chance of infection occurring at the site of puncture or graft. Liposuction is a surgical procedure that involves numerous punctures in the area where the belly fat is to be removed. As a result, chances of infection are high when the procedure is undertaken in poorly facilitated clinics.
  2. Fluid Accumulation: Often the result of negligent liposuction procedures, fluid imbalance occurs naturally as the body tries to strike a balance with the fluids injected in the place of removed belly fat. This can have serious consequences and therefore, patients of liposuction are observed closely by paramedics after the procedure to detect chances of fluid imbalance.
  3. Skin Necrosis: Often cases of skin necrosis or skin death have been reported. The usual site of necrosis happens to be above the site of liposuction. Many a times, large skin areas fall off or die and leave the area open to infection.
  4. Toxicity from Anesthesia: Local anesthesia is often the ready way to get rid of the pain that the patient feels during puncture and suction. The drug used as an anesthetic is often lidocaine which helps numb the skin entirely. Too many doses of the drug can lead to light headedness and in extreme cases, death.
  5. Embolism: When fat enters ruptured blood vessels, it mixes with the blood and causes blockage of the veins and arteries. The result of this can be highly dangerous for people who already suffer from respiratory or lung diseases. The fat emboli often gather in the lungs and cause blockage leading to lung failure and needs immediate medical attention.
  6. Nerve Compression: The sensation at the area of liposuction sometimes changes after the procedure. The person may feel enhanced pain or total numbness at the site of surgery. The condition must be reported to the doctor if it persists, since it may be the beginning of a new kind of nervous tension.
  7. Seroma: Accumulation of serum in the area from where the fat has been removed can be a great obstacle to normal circulation and cause imbalance in the physiology. Prolonged seroma can lead to circulatory fluid imbalance and even blood cancer.
  8. Organ Puncture Wounds: Visceral organs near the liposuction area suffer puncture wounds which may not heal fast after the closure of the procedure. These wounds can lead to further complications like organ malfunction and would require more surgeries to set the wounds right. They can also be fatal if left untreated.
  9. Fluid Imbalance: Not only are fluids removed or injected during liposuction, the body also reacts to the removal of fat with increased fluid accumulation in the area where the liposuction occurs. The fluid imbalance can lead to fatal consequences.
  10. Heart Attack: Whether it is caused by blocked arteries or fluid imbalance, heart attack is the commonest way in which deaths from liposuction are reported. Usually, the heart attack results after a few complications develop from the procedures and cause stress in heart function.

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So you see, not all promises of low belly fat are risk free and you have danger ring in more than once during and after the procedure. If any of you or your friends are planning to go for a liposuction, make sure you have these points relayed to them before they make a final decision. And if you are too concerned, all you have to do is get more comfortable in your skin. That was it all!

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