Top Ten Hilarious Laws From All Over The World

Societies have laws and we, as part of one society or another, need to respect those laws. But what do we do when some of them have lost their value and now are only ridiculous and funny? Laugh, of course. Unless you’re in that part of the world that has to respect them… Then, we’re quite sorry, but we’re still gonna laugh.

1.   In Victoria, Australia, you have to be an electrician to change a light bulb


Victoria is Australia’s second biggest city and the place where you need to have a licensed electrician to change a light bulb. We now know what every kid in Victoria wants to be when he grows up.

2.   In India, you can go to jail if you cheat on an exam


It was already bad that students didn’t have the chance of enjoying a fresh, juicy burger, but things got worse when the Indian government, trying to improve the educational system, adopted a law that says you can go to jail if you cheat on an exam. What has this world come to?

3.   In Greece, you can’t wear high-heels if you plan to visit ancient monuments

It may sound stupid, but this law has its logic. Pressure put on by high-heels could damage Greek monuments, so you must wear something else when visiting them. But if you look like Godzilla that just ate Godzilla, you don’t apply any pressure? Just asking…

4.   In Cuba, you can get arrested if you look dangerous


Yes, boys and girls, this law is alive and kicking. Actually, the police does most of the kicking. If you think that the police in your country is committing abuses, try living in Cuba. Here, if an officer thinks you look like a criminal, you could spend your night in jail. Alongside real criminals!

5.   In China, Tibetan priests need a special permission to reincarnate


Overpopulation is a big problem in China and the government has adopted some laws to fix the issue. What amazes us is the one that specifies that Tibetan priests need special permission to reincarnate. We wonder what happens to the ones that don’t get that permission in time. They’re stuck alongside Buddha’s little help at the Gate or something?

6.   In Saudi Arabia, women don’t have the right to drive


We know what you’re thinking and no, it’s not for everybody’s safety. This law has religious reasons. Women need to have a man, hired driver or relative, standing by, ready to take them wherever they need to go.

7.   In England, you don’t have the right to die in the Buckingham Palace, unless you’re royal


God forbid you sneeze in the Buckingham Palace because you can wake up thrown out in the streets. That’s because England has a law that bans you to die inside the Palace, unless you’re royal. Everyone that gives his last breath inside Buckingham receives a royal funeral, with all those flashy parades.

8.   A man-bear fight is forbidden in the US


 Under this law, Leonardo DiCaprio should be in jail already, after The Revenant. Who in their right mind would fight a bear?

9.   Divorce is illegal in Vatican and Philippines

 “You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime” by Eminem should be a wedding song in both Vatican and Philippines. Here, divorce is illegal, so you’re stuck with one person for the rest of your life. Choose wisely.

10.   Chewing gum is completely illegal in Singapore


Policemen fight both drug dealers and gum smugglers. In Singapore, it’s illegal to buy or sell chewing gum, and if you throw one on the street you get a $500 fine. We haven’t heard of a gum cartel in the zone, but this also could mean that they’re just doing a great job hiding their traces.


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