Top 10 Things Most Couples End Up Fighting About. Shockingly, Third One Is Most Common

Quarreling and fighting over small things is common among couples even though it seems that there can be nothing but love between these lovebirds. This fighting between partners is inevitable. Interestingly, there are 10 things or issues over which most couples fight with each other.

1.   Kids

It is difficult to find a couple that does not love small kids. But fighting starts with whether a couple should start a family or wait for some time. Later tensions surface on methods of raising, their eating, dressing, education, and practically everything else associated with kids.

#1 Parents fighting over child

These little angels, the apple of our eyes; often are the reason that brings out the worst in both/either of the parents and causes arguments between them. Here is an example; one minute they smile the next they poop, so who’s on diaper duty the sixth time they need a diaper change? And the answer to that is an argument.

2.   Irresistible Friends

Every couple has one or more friend, from both the sides, that the other disapproves of either because of that person being too annoying or for no reason at all.

#2 Parents fighting over bedtime

That one best friend/person, disliking who is mandatory for the other partner, which leads into an argument; a bizarre argument in which it is mandatory for both the partners to bring up each other’s friends that they disapprove of as well as comparing the disliked friend(s). Yes, we know; it is as bizarre as it gets.

3.   Money matters

Whether it is lack of money or poor financial planning for the future, money happens to be a top reason for tensions between partners.

#3 Parents fighting over money1

Who is going to pay the bills? Pay the bills? Who is going to pay for unnecessary/stress shopping? Bills get paid eventually since it is a responsibility; however, it is often women’s excessive shopping that men find unnecessary (hence the word excessive) or boys and their very expensive toys (such as Xbox/PS4/gadgets/car accessories etc) that women find a waste of money, the dispute over which eventually lasts as long as…till death do us part?

4.   Career differences

You cannot ignore your career while fulfilling your responsibilities as a partner in a couple. Whether it is one or both partners working, career leads to infighting between partners sooner or later. One partner going away on business trips and devoting lesser time to family with the other doing the chore at home leads to feelings of jealousy. Ambitions of the partner sitting at home to go out and achieve career goals start to raise head.

5.   I will not do the kitchen!

There is bound to be an imbalance in division of work and duties with a mom expected to take care of babies and homely chores. This is something that leads to feelings of superiority and inferiority between partners sooner or later.

There comes a point in every relationship where responsibilities such as cleaning dishes, becomes somewhat of a burden on either one of the partner and thus the burden is shared through an argument. Often the partner doesn’t share this burden through the means of an argument and the other has to follow the signs indicating that the responsibility needs to be shared; signs such as broken dishes.

6.   You leave the bathroom wet honey!!

Leaving the toilet seat open or not flushing it after use, is one of the common reasons for quarreling between partners. It is only natural for partners to have altogether different toilet habits but one of the two partners finds it unacceptable.

Every person has different habits, habits that are not acceptable and found annoying by the other partner such as leaving the dirty clothes on the floor or putting your feet up on the table.

Couples believe to have found a way to address and change these habits; a widely practiced remedy dating back to ancient times: A quarrel a day, keeps the bad habits away.  

7.   Your mom, my mom!

In-laws do not matter for lovebirds in the beginning but they soon feel like a burden to both partners.

‘They came – they deliberately said something to ensure the couple would disagree and argue about – AND THEY CONQUERED!’.

As if there aren’t enough reasons for couples to argue about, leave it to the in-laws to stir things up every chance they get.

8.   Couch potato

Watching TV together in the beginning seems to be good as both partners enjoy each other’s company as well as physical intimacy that takes place between them. Minds of both partners are focused more upon sex rather than television itself. But after some time, television creates differences between partners over the choice of programs and also over watching TV at odd hours.

Here’s how it is; if you want a successful and argument-free relationship, then you must have two TV’s because you just can never know and decide what to watch when the drama serial and match are on at the same time. You are eventually going to have a live drama serial/match in your own TV lounge at one point or another; which neither of the partners is going to enjoy.

9.   Eating habits and FOOD

Partners hardly pay attention to each other’s eating habits when they are passionately in love. But after marrying, most ladies complain about the eating habits of their husbands. They also grudge requests for making same recipes frequently.

Why do couples often argue because of food? Because sometimes last night’s leftovers just aren’t what you wish to come home to eat after a tiring workday, some Sundays you just want to relax rather than go out for dinner; sometimes you would just wish to have something fresh and tasty, preferably not cooked by you and chosen from a menu card or rather the opposite.

10.   Ex boyfriends and girlfriends

There is perhaps no couple that has not fought over the ex friends of each other. Couples always find themselves bring up their ex boyfriends/girlfriends and here is how the conversation most probably turns into an argument: The past, the present and the future walk into a bar – It was tense. Go figure!


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