You Won’t Believe What These 12 Singers Were Doing Before Becoming Famous!! I couldn’t believe Kurt Cobain’s Example.

The road to success can be very tricky and, no matter the talent, if you’re not damn lucky, you could end up just singing in your parents’ basement. Some top singers really started down below to reach the peaks of glory.

You can see them now in million dollars cars and wearing fancy jewelry, but maybe 20 years ago they were the ones serving you that double cheeseburger, with extra fries and a big Coke. Want to know what these 12 singers were doing before becoming famous? Just read below.

1.  Jay-Z – Drug dealer

All hip-hop artists started from the bottom and Jay-Z is no exception. He may have millions now and Beyonce at his arm, but back in the day he was only a street hustler, a Clyde from the neighborhood corner.

2.  Kanye West – Sales assistant at GAP

Kanye West

You can now understand why Kanye was very keen on having his own clothing line. And if he keeps on having a $500 haircut every day, we could see him begging for his old job back pretty soon.

3.  Jennifer Hudson – Singer at Burger King

Variety's 5th Annual Power Of Women Event Presented By Lifetime - Saint Vintage

Before Jennifer got on the big stage, she used to sing at a Burger King drive-thru. Pretty sure customers were tired of getting their orders in lyrics.

4.  Ozzy Osbourne – Slaughterhouse employee


We could say that we’re surprised, but this is Ozzy we’re talking about. Nothing about him could surprise us anymore. This is the man who gave a vicar a piece of cake with Afghan hashish in it.

5.  Cheryl Cole, Mariah Carey, Madonna – Waitress


It seems that in the waitresses business it’s a plus to have some singing talent. Otherwise we can’t explain how so many stars, including Cheryl Cole, Mariah Carey and Madonna were serving tables before hitting the big stage.

6.  Mick Jagger – Hospital porter


Although you may consider a mental hospital porter a pretty awful job, we’ve heard that Mick had some fun over there. Just a prevew for his upcoming rock career…

7.  Calvin Harris – Shelf-stacker at Marks & Spencer

Calvin Harris

In-between his shifts at the department store, Calvin was producing tracks at his home studio. Looks like his love for music was deep enough, just like the Ocean we might add.

8.  Kurt Cobain – Janitor

MTV Unplugged: Nirvana

Kurt was in a Nirvana state of mind even when he was just a janitor. He was a restless creative spirit even when he wasn’t using his hands to create music, but cleaning floors.

9.  Katy Parry – Gospel singer

Katy Parry

If anybody heard about Katy kissing a girl, she would have certainly been kicked out from church. Glad she made that public after her pop career started to emerge.

10.  Beyonce – Hair salon cleaner


Before you start imagining Beyonce giving ghetto girls some afro look, find out that she was there only to clean the place out. A slow start for the pop queen.

11.  Gwen Stefani – Mop floors


We don’t think Gwen even dreamed at that moment that she could be a rich girl and “ have all the money in the world”. Glad to see she didn’t mop her dreams away and turned out to be a great singer.

12.  Rod Stewart – Football player

Rod Stewart1

“Rob the Mod” had a trial with 3rd Division team Brentford. He didn’t get called and ended up a musician. Yeah, what a missed opportunity. Booze, women and fame over a possible Sunday League. He must be filled with regrets.

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